Code of Ethics

This document is the concrete expression of our culture and our ethical values. It reaffirms our will to maintain the best standards of honesty and integrity and provides practical guidance for handling many of the ethical issues our directors and employees may face in the discharge of their professional duties. It also helps us to improve what we were already doing well.

It is clear to us that business ethics has become a fundamental piece for the support and sustainability of our organizations, as well as for contributing positively to the environment in which we operate. Therefore, this Code of Ethics is of central importance for all of us working for or on behalf of BioCarbon Registry and shall govern the different relationships between our Company and its stakeholders (clients, potential clients, employees, competitors, public administration, government officials, the media, society

We have managed to compile in this Code of Ethics the following contents:

  • The ethical values and principles that shall guide our actions;
  • Our commitment to comply with the laws, rules, and regulations;
  • The expected conduct when interacting with our internal and external stakeholders; and
  • The Guidelines to enforce the Code and to use the Ethics and Compliance Channel we have set up to communicate concerns, doubts, breaches or violations of the Code of Ethics.

We encourage you to read this document carefully and to comply with all its provisions. Likewise, we remain at your entire disposal for any questions, comments or clarifications about it.

Ethics and Compliance Channel

BioCarbon Registry makes available the Compliance Channel so that they can communicate or report in a secure and totally confidential way, even anonymously, any type of doubt or suspicion of legal breach and / or internal regulations of which they may have knowledge in the development of your activity

See the Whistleblowing Policy here.