Project ID Project Name Project Holder CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BODY (CAB) Quantification Period Verified GHG Emission Reductions or Removals Sector Country
BCR-CO-259-14-004 Proyecto Nuestro Aire de Vida “Kai KOMUYA JAG+Y+” REDD+ Puerto Zábalo y Los Monos Terra Commodities S.A.S., Carbo Sostenible S.A.S., Yauto S.A.S. ,Visso Consultores S.A.S. Asociación Española de Normalización AENOR INTERNACIONAL S.A.U. 30 5,726,418 Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) CO


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The Puerto Zábalo and Los Monos REDD+ project aims to contribute to the sustainable development of its communities while preserving the existing forests in the territory of the Reserve. This community initiative seeks to conserve the forest through a a comprehensive strategy that strengthens territorial governance and develops sustainable productive activities compatible with nature which contribute to food security and income generation. The territory of the Indigenous Reservation covers 624,590 hectares. The emissions reductions will result from the implementation of a comprehensive strategy that includes improving governance, developing sustainable production systems, increasing social investment and monitoring biodiversity.

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