Project ID Project Project Holder Tax ID Project holder CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT BODY (CAB) Project Duration Verified GHG Emission Reductions or Removals Sector Country
PCR-CO-BFX-14-002 Proyecto de Conservación Delfines Cupica REDD+ BIOFIX CONSULTORÍA 901166791-9 Instituto Colombiano de Normas Técnicas y Certificación (ICONTEC) 30 4,041,756 Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) CO



The DELFINES CUPICA Conservation Project seeks the conservation of the forests located in recognition of the Afro-Colombian communities grouped in the two Community Councils that integrate and propose this project. The specific objectives of the DELFINES CUPICA REDD+ Conservation Project are: to mitigate the effects caused by climate change through the implementation of measures for the reduction and capturing of CO2 emissions, by avoiding deforestation and promoting the restoration of degraded forest territories. To promote the sustainable management of the forests located in the area of influence of the project by forest custodians, by encouraging productive activities well-suited with the reduction of emissions generated by deforestation. To cooperate in the conservation of biodiversity by protecting the ecological connectivity and habitat of those species that are included in a threatened category and those that represent an ecological interest due to their capacity to adapt to climate change, such as sea turtles and mangroves. To contribute to gender equity education by increasing the capacity for leadership, participation, empowerment and entrepreneurship of women within the Community Councils.

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