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PCR-CO-635-141-002 CO2Bio Proyecto 2 FUNDACION CATARUBEN AENOR International S.A.U. 30 1,539,630 Agricultura, silvicultura y otros usos del suelo (AFOLU) CO


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CO2Bio is a grouped project that prevents deforestation, forest degradation, and the transformation of wetlands in the plains of the Colombian Orinoquia region, starting with an area of 20,206 hectares of Forest and 63,328 hectares of Wetlands. These goals are achieved through the implementation of climate change mitigation and conservation activities which reduce the threat factors on natural ecosystems and their biodiversity while minimizing the environmental pressures that cause habitat loss. At a social level, CO2Bio guarantees that local landowners receive economic incentives that contribute to their quality of life and promote sustainable rural development as an alternative to the agricultural expansion in the region.

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