ID del Proyecto Nombre del Proyecto Titular del Proyecto Organismo de Validación y Verificación (OVV) Periodo de Cuantificación Reducciones de emisiones o remociones de GEI verificadas Sector País
BCR-CO-635-14-003 PARAMUNO Project 1 FUNDACION CATARUBEN 20 0 Agricultura, silvicultura y otros usos del suelo (AFOLU) CO


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The Paramuno initiative was developed as part of the biodiversity, carbon, and water conservation strategies of the Cataruben Foundation, a Colombian NGO. This initiative has been supported by USAID and by 150 farmers so far, who own private lands on which they have carried out conservation activities since 2017. These properties are located in the natural high mountain ecosystems, such as paramos, wetlands, and the high Andean forest. This initiative brings together conservation under an integrated landscape approach, including productive reconversion and substitution towards more sustainable activities and ecological restoration. The total area of the initiative is 120.000 hectares. The results in avoided emissions are estimated at 350.000 tCO2e. One hundred percent of the economic resources acquired by the sale of the carbon certificates will be allocated to conservation actions. Paramuno seeks to guarantee democratic participation in its implementation and administration.

Resumen del proyecto