ID del Proyecto Nombre del Proyecto Titular del Proyecto Organismo de Validación y Verificación (OVV) Periodo de Cuantificación Reducciones de emisiones o remociones de GEI verificadas Sector País
BCR-CO-635-14-004 CultivO2 Project 1 FUNDACION CATARUBEN AENOR International S.A.U. 20 0 Agricultura, silvicultura y otros usos del suelo (AFOLU) CO


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CultivO2 is part of the biodiversity, carbon and water conservation strategies implemented by the Cataruben Foundation, a Colombian NGO. This initiative has been supported by Luker, Partners of the Americas, and 69 cocoa and cashew producers. CultivO2 aims to promote the adoption of low-carbon production systems, sustainable land management, forestry management, and conservation of forested areas. These conservation efforts started in 2017, and are outlined in consensual agreements between Cataruben and landowners or beneficiaries. The total area covered by the initiative is 3,416 hectares, with projected greenhouse gas (GHG) removal estimated at 195,110 tCO2e. All proceeds from the sale of carbon credits will be used to fund conservation activities. CultivO2 places a strong emphasis on ensuring democratic participation throughout its implementation and management.

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