ID del Proyecto Nombre del Proyecto Titular del Proyecto Organismo de Validación y Verificación (OVV) Periodo de Cuantificación Reducciones de emisiones o remociones de GEI verificadas Sector País
BCR-CO-635-14-005 CO2Bio P2-2 FUNDACION CATARUBEN 0 Agricultura, silvicultura y otros usos del suelo (AFOLU) CO


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CO2Bio P2-2 is a climate change mitigation initiative led by the Cataruben Foundation that aims to sequester carbon above and below ground in Colombia's floodplain savanna ecosystem. This effort supports clean water management and conserves biodiversity in key ecosystems. Conservation efforts began in 2018 and target a total of 104,167 hectares, including 10,532.6 hectares of forest and 53,877.4 hectares of wetlands. The project covers 127 private rural estates owned by farmers, mainly in the Arauca and Casanare floodplains. The initiative aims to avoid 3,427,075 tons of greenhouse gas emissions by preventing land use changes in wetlands, deforestation and forest degradation. The socio-environmental impact of the project's activities will allow private landowners to receive financial benefits to improve their quality of life and promote sustainable rural development in a region defined by an agricultural frontier with industrial crops.

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